Where is Differentiation? Schools Are Still Forcing Square Pegs Into Round Holes

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInE-mail When I was still Director of Cherry Preschool, a parent whose child was a total delight in preschool shared a very sad story with me.  When her child started kindergarten in public school, he was tested and found to be lacking the skills that would make him a reader by the end of kindergarten, Continue Reading »

I Will Try Harder

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInE-mail “Look past your thoughts so you may drink the pure nectar of this moment.” Rumi Approximately eight years and one month from today my daughter will be graduating from high school. While I realize that graduation is a time of celebration and great joy, the thought of one of my children no longer living under Continue Reading »


And All the Teachers Said, “Trust Me, Just Trust Me…”

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInE-mail Dr. Brad Gustafson and Ben Gilpin with Jessica Torres Every year we have teacher appreciation week, yet large numbers of teachers continue to feel unappreciated and undervalued.  What does it take to change this?  Follow:@gustafsonbrad, @benjamingilpin @Owl_b_TorresEdu @bamradionetwork Play Episode Subscribe on iTunes {myshortlist_button} {myembed_button}


Are Great Educators Color Blind, Color Brave, or Agnostic?

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInE-mail  Rosa Isiah with Rusul Alrubail “Why does it always have to be about race? I don’t see color.” While some educators see no need to discuss race and social justice in education, others wonder why the need to talk more about these issues isn’t obvious.  Follow: @rusulalrubail @rosaIsiah #WeLeadEd  #edchat    Play Episode Subscribe on iTunes Continue Reading »


Why the Death of Paper Books May Be Greatly Exaggerated

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInE-mail Larry Ferlazzo with Dan Willingham and Kristin Ziemke Even among those we call “digital natives”  paper books are more popular than digital books.  Further, research indicates that comprehension is higher with traditional books over e-books.  Are paper texts here to stay? Follow: @larryferlazzo @DTWillingham @KristinZiemke @Bamradionetwork #edchat #teachers #edtech  Play Episode Subscribe on iTunes {myshortlist_button} {myembed_button}


Hot Education Trends: What to Ignore, What to Embrace

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInE-mail Tom Whitby and Nancy Blair with Garrett Maier The  blizzard of hot trends, new buzzwords, rapidly changing technology continues.  How do we make sense of it all and determine where to invest our time, energy and resources. Follow: @tomwhitby @blairteach @GarrettMaierEd  @bamradionetwork Ed Chat Archive: Play Episode Subscribe on iTunes {myshortlist_button} {myembed_button}


Smarter, Better, Easier Ways to Check Student Understanding

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInE-mail Chaunte Garrett, with Myron Dueck If you’ve ever thought, “there must be a better way to confirm what students are learning,” you’ll want to listen to this segment with Myron Dueck. Follow: @myrondueck @drncgarrett  @ASCD @bamradionetwork Play Episode Subscribe on iTunes {myshortlist_button}   {myembed_button}


Engage Students with Digital BreakoutEDU

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInE-mail There is something magic that happens when school becomes something other than, “question-correct answer-repeat.” One strategy to break out of that pattern, engage students, and get them problem-solving is BreakoutEDU. Teachers can also create web-based breakouts or Digital BreakoutEDU. What is BreakoutEDU? Based on escape rooms, BreakoutEDU, created by Mark Hammons and James Sanders, involves Continue Reading »


Before I Was a Good Lead Learner, I Was a Bad One

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInE-mail Jon Harper with Tony Sinanis Being transparent about mistakes allows us to grow and see how much we’ve grown.  Join us as we talk to Tony Sinanis about how he learned that relationships matter in school leadership.  Follow: @TonySinanis  @Jonharper70bd  @bamradionetwork Play Episode Subscribe on iTunes {myshortlist_button}   {myembed_button}


4 Rules For Making Teamwork Work

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInE-mail Leaders such as a teachers, administrators, coaches, and supervisors are tasked with developing effective and efficient practices to increase the performance of the individuals they lead and their organization’s prestige. While there are many practices that lead to improvement, there is one that is vital to the very survival of any group or organization: Continue Reading »