Tales from the Flip Side of Project-Based Learning

Jon Bergmann and Michael Gorman


In his premier episode, flipped classroom pioneer Jon Bergmann explains why real-world stories are the best way to learn about flipping the classroom. Jon then talks with Michael Gorman about marrying the project-based learning model with flipping.

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    Engage Students with Digital BreakoutEDU

    There is something magic that happens when school becomes something other than, "question-correct answer-repeat." One strategy to break out of that ...

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    by Tom Mullaney @edtechtom
    Wednesday, 18 May 2016
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    Putting My Left Arm in First: Takeaways from My First Year in a Blended Learning Classroom

    As a right-handed person, I have always put my right arm in first to my jackets. However this past school year, it has felt more like I have been tr ...

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    Is Minecraft a Legit Learning Tool?

    There are many people who are using Minecraft in there classrooms. There are probably even more who question its validity as an education tool. Is i ...

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    Overcoming Digital Overload One Byte at a Time

    Do you know what a yottabyte is? No, it’s not a nip on the knee from a beloved Star Wars character. It’s a measurement of digital information. And ...

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    Organizations Really Can Change

    This June we will be releasing our Project RED III research.  The seventeen Signature Districts were identified as understanding and following ...

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    Thursday, 28 April 2016
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    Google Docs and Hyperdocs

    Google Docs is the application that Google Apps seems most well known for. More than just a basic word processor, Docs provides a space to connect a ...

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    by Aaron Davis | @mrkrndvs
    Thursday, 14 April 2016
  • CodeKinderarten

    You Do WHAT in Kindergarten? Coding Club

    This year I have had the amazing opportunity to participate in a few Voxer groups that have given me the nudge to pursue coding at my school.  ...

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    by Jessica Cabeen @JessicaCabeen
    Thursday, 17 March 2016
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    Involving Introverts

    I'm never a fan of embracing technology for technology's sake, but I do love a good technological solution to a teaching problem, and I have found s ...

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    by Peter Greene @palan57
    Thursday, 10 March 2016
  • Education TECH

    Why My Technology Presentation Stinks

    Recently, colleague Ross Cooper (RossCoops31) posted a piece on EduSurge that focused on why technology-infused tech sessions stink.  I’ll ...

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    by Jay Eitner @iSuperEit
    Tuesday, 08 March 2016
  • Keyborad

    One to One Tech Barriers

    We jumped into the one-to-one world in the fall of 2010, when my district put a netbook in the hands of every single high school student. I was exc ...

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    by Peter Greene @palan57
    Tuesday, 01 March 2016

    The Problem with App Smashing

    According to EdTechTeacher, “App Smashing is the process of using multiple apps to create projects or complete tasks.”   According to Wikiped ...

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    by Ross Cooper | @RossCoops31
    Wednesday, 24 February 2016
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    Plagiarism Software Is Not the Complete Answer

    A few months ago I came across an article in one respectable online magazine (don't remember the author). The main idea of the article - teachers don' ...

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    by Lynn Usrey | @LynnUsrey
    Friday, 05 February 2016
  • IMG_1886.jpg

    Giving Back to the Community - A History Project for Children

    What better way to learn the tools of historians than to take a trip to a local museum to see them firsthand! As my second graders learned about artif ...

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    by Cheryl Arnett @c_arnett
    Wednesday, 27 January 2016
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    What To Do in a One iPad Classroom

    Although some schools are going one-to-one iPads, there is a growing trend of teachers purchasing their own iPad and bringing them into th ...

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    by Aaron Davis | @mrkrndvs
    Tuesday, 26 January 2016
  • google2

    Introducing Google Apps from Scratch

    One of my colleagues recently got the position in a new school. This got me thinking, in a school with no prior practices and protocols, how could som ...

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    by Aaron Davis | @mrkrndvs
    Thursday, 21 January 2016
  • flix

    Flexibility is Key: Knowing When to Change Tech Lessons

    “I won’t use technology in my classroom because I can’t use technology in my classroom. I can’t write this reflection, and I certainly can’t do a fi ...

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  • TransformWide

    Digital Transformation: 2 Proven Strategies for Uncovering the Why

    Enter “k12 digital transformation why” into Google and what you’ll see is a fair number of school districts undertaking digital learning initiatives ...

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    by Randy Ziegenfuss, Ed.D. (@ziegeran)
    Sunday, 17 January 2016

    Adding Empathy Into a Tech-Filled Classroom

    With the inclusion of technology in the classroom and the growing popularity of 1:1 or BYOD, teachers, parents, administrators, and policymakers hav ...

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    by Megan Roberts | @TechieEducation
    Tuesday, 12 January 2016
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